MUNTHAN™ Niche Business Process Automation - Maximum Digitization!

MUNTHAN™ - Data Integration, Homogenization & Analytics platform.

Apart from serving the business industry in specific areas, this analytical platform's primary objective was to cater to the needs of our own Business and Services platforms viz. SERVUNTO™ and AXARROW™. The internal design coincides with the functioning of all internal programs in such a manner that all data being produced by those platforms are automatically being fed into MUNTHAN, for data warehousing and analytics.

The software platform stands on a mature foundation based on industry standard service oriented architecture (SOA), uses advanced analytics tools, components are loosely coupled with each other and interchange data through standard protocols. Model driven architecture allows easy incorporation of changes in the business logic, UI requirements and information interchange structure. The architecture supports protecting past investments by providing integration through customized integration components.
Multiple software design patterns have been applied to ensure that modern days challenges are met with easily. Since it is designed majorly for cloud architecture, various cloud-development patterns have been deployed in the software core.

Basis the load conditions, auto-scaling and contraction is unique to the platform.

Architecture Highlights:

SERVUNTO™ Technology

Business Process Automation Suite. Ideal for organizations wanting to digitally manage many of their business processes.

AXARROW™ Scalability

Education & Sports services platform. Ideal for Universities, Trusts for management of multiple colleges, Libraries etc...