FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

We are a Product & Software Development Services company. All related activities are driven by modern day technology. In a way we enable services by utilizing multiple technologies, making use of their best-fit usage scenarios and create products for services. The word 'TESARROW' came from this analogy - Technology Enabled Services (TES) and ARROW, as self explanatory.
SERVUNTO™ - ERP On Device, is already in service, being used by Export Houses, Manufacturing Companies, Service/Project based Companies and Retail Dealers.
You just need to get in touch with us through any of our established channels. We would get your basic information on requirements and suggest the list of products that you should use from many products available in the dashboard panel.
SERVUNTO™ is a business process automation platform while as AXARROW™ is dedicated to services sector. The services include Education, Sports and Banking sector. MUNTHAN™ is a common platform and its services are integrated with almost all products.
For upgradation and migration to platform services, we would work with you to quickly study the existing systems that you have. For migrating data from standards based systems, we would deploy our migration service tools to import data into platform products, and start running in parallel to existing systems for few days. After satisfactory results we could shift our operations completely.

Products Related Questions

Any set of product(s) can be chosen to be used for your organization, unless there are dependencies on other internal products, for instance Billing module is dependent on Financial System, Inventory module, whereas few products could be chosen independently as Library management system, Telecom systems, Asset management system etc.
All products have been conceptualized, designed and developed from the year 2016 only, and as such we had an opportunity to use latest available technology stacks. These technologies allow us to make our products have good UIs that operate smoothly on all devices, have scalable design patterns inducted, great deal of cloud design patterns, and lot more.
Our products have a USP of integration of technologies. The platforms provide multiple useful functionalities, strong communication channels, extremely simple configuration and operations, coupled with advanced analytics. All are integrated within the same dashboard panel, to give our customers better operational control and facilitate faster management decisions. No need to go to multiple vendors.

Services Related Questions

Our major services are in the Business Process automation for organizations of all sizes, Education and Sports, along with Banking sector.
We would be happy to serve our customers to build full-fledged platforms for them, encompassing backend, middleware, User-interfaces, Mobile Apps, integrated communication gateways, payment gateways, WebAPIs etc.
We would be available to our customers through multiple communication channels like dedicated Phone service, Email exchange, Text Chat and Video conferences wherever required.