Corporate Projects Go Green! Digitisation to the Max!


Define & Plan Easily. View Insights, Correct Fast. Deliver Fast.

For smooth business growth, organizations need to successfully execute multiple projects may they be internal external projects. Keeping track of multiple projects running concurrently, spanning over months & years, each having multiple milestones, sub-tasks, external/internal dependencies etc. becomes a huge and complex activity in itself. The complexity increase with inter-dependencies and tasks sub-contracted to external vendors as well.
With Tesarrow Project Definition & Management System, activities can be brought under control and can be executed with confidence. The integrated software allows teams to define projects with the help of Milestones, task lists, and tasks and organize complex projects into easily manageable units. They get more refined control with subtasks, recurring tasks, and dependencies.
The provided charts give detailed visuals on the progress of your tasks in comparison to what was planned. The resource allocation chart lets you know who is free, engaged, and who is overloaded. You may make adjustments and plan accordingly.
Work hours are integrated with the Attendance system time-sheets. The teams are able to log issues, that get circulated to relevant teams members, and is tracked for required correction. The documents could be attached with logged issues.

The system contains following major modules: -

Flexible Projects Definition with Type, Categories, Department Wise

Flexible Team member linking, across departments

Control Panel for Issue Correction/Task progress

Activity Lag Alerts


Gain Absolute Control Over Your Workforce, external Agencies. Ensure Timely Deliveries

In bigger and complex projects, the tasks may be sub-contracted to external agencies /contractors. The software includes a module for handling such requirements. This module is integrated within Project management system. You may create and manage agencies, activate from within projects and allocate contracts. Contract documents could be attached with the tasks. and progress could be tracked as an integral part of overall system.

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Reach out to Team members instantly. Make everyone aware of the latest.

During execution of projects, team leader and members are required to work in random, and the situations may demand instant update to all stakeholders. Employees, clients, vendors, or consultants, from near or far can work together with available collaboration tools. Regardless of the distance, the team members can coordinate with ease, and in the presence of sophisticated, easy-to-use coordination tools, this activity become even fun during work.
Tesarrow provides a set of advanced communication tools integrated right within the dashboard. The tools use available technology, low band-width protocols to establish connections.
The system contains following major functions: -

Instant SMS trigger, WhatsApp, Email Messaging

Integrated Audio Conference, Video Conference

Options for Recording Audio Conference, Video Conference

Multiple Reports available for project’s status

Other Features Include:

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Manage Task Progress. Link Members' good work to Appraisal system.

When project activities make progress, move forward to their destinations, some move fast while some slow. In the scenarios where multiple projects are running concurrently, the team leaders allocate tasks and sub-tasks to designated team members. Once tasks are allocated, it actually becomes the responsibility of team member to keep everyone updated on the progress. But in the fast moving environment, the team members generally forget to update the management of their actual progress, as they remain busy with internal nitty-gritty of tasks. For the same purpose, Tesarrow integrates an auto-linkage of task update on completion, to employee's defined KRAs. By doing so, team members accomplishing their jobs timely, automatically become eligible for rewards in the performance appraisal system. Any delayed activities shall also be reflected.
The system contains following major functions: -

Individual task progress update

Linkage of Timely & Delayed Tasks to KRA system

Delayed Tasks Alerts

Other Features Include:

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