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Gain Control over Recruitment Process. Timely Vacancies. Timely Hiring.

In today's competitive professional world, hiring good talent is an uphill task. This log process consists of multiple stages that an aspiring candidate has to go through. If information on each individual candidate has not been consolidated and updated timely, organization is likely to lose control over the process thereby loosing chances of hiring the best from industry. Tesarrow Talent Acquisition System is a robust recruitment software solution that offers an end-to-end platform for automating & integrating the entire talent acquisition life cycle. Offering agility as well as deep insights, this system is the answer to all your recruitment challenges. The software provides management views to contribute to the company’s topline & bottom line, helps hiring right candidates at right time

The software cover entire recruitment lifecycle right from vacancy creation, candidates' application to the employee-on-board stage, to benefit-disbursals stage to beneficiaries, if required.

The system contains following major modules: -

Vacancies Creation, Approval & Management

Candidates' Application Lifecycle Management

Employee Referral Scheme Management

Interview Scheduling, Evaluation Status, Consolidated Views for Panels


Grow Your Employees. Grow Your Business.

Happy Employees means customer satisfaction thereby giving a boost in the process of growing business. Keeping up-to-date record of activities related to employees' lifecycle in the organization is a huge task. If this is being accomplished efficiently, the organization is sure to reap the benefits in terms of employee satisfaction, that ultimately empowers business growth processes, be it related to quality, process adherence, customer interactions etc. Overall the brand value gains a lot.

Tesarrow's integrated module Employee Management System takes care of above requirement by way of maintaining all activities related to employees' management and growth.
The system contains following major modules: -

Employee Records with lifecycle change management

Nominee, Dependents, Health, Verification modules

Working Shifts and Employee Skill Training modules

Other Features Include:

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Evaluate Employee Performance. Boost their Career. Grow Your Business!

In today's competitive world, every employee wants to perform as per organizational expectations and wants to grow in professional life, thereby meeting organizational business goal. With respect to employee's performance appraisals, organizations generally wants to be reasonably balanced while giving performance ratings. It sometimes becomes a heavy exercise to correlate employee performance facts throughout the evaluation session and come up with factual datasheets in a time bound manner.
Tesarrow performance appraisal module can play an important role in such scenarios. It takes advantage of another integrated module "Corporate Projects" and correlates evaluation session's historical facts to present in evaluation process. This helps the organization to be more reasonable to the employee appraisal process. The factual data regarding employee performance during the entire session gives a balanced view to evaluating /reporting manager as well as the employee himself.
The system contains following major modules: -

Employee Key Result Area (KRA) Management Module

KRA /Evaluation Grading Management Module

Development Areas Management Module

Employee Promotions Management Module

Other Features Include:

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Extra-ordinary Achievements! Extra-ordinary Rewards!

Organizations want to reward its employees who are performing better than others, in an effort to encourage employees to perform even better. Different categories of rewards are declared from time to time and are declared, distributed, celebrated. This process needs to be conducted in an efficient and transparent manner.
The software package integrated herein - Employee Reward system facilitates the automation of this process thereby giving an organization a consolidated recording system.
The system contains following major modules: -

Rewards Definition & Management Module

Nomination & Winner Management Module

Other Features Include:

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Apply Leaves. View Records. Approve Leaves.

Organizations need a reliable attendance & leave management system to manage employee presence, absence, calculate leave accruals and make payments accurately. The process needs to be organized in an efficient manner so as to enable employees to view their leave privileges, number of remaining leaves, status of applied leaves etc. as well as to the management to have a smooth leave approval system. This also needs to provide a consolidated views to management.
Tesarrow integrates leave approval system which is highly configurable and addresses the need for a comprehensive leave approval management system.
The system contains following major modules: -

Employee Leave Application Module

Reporting Manager Leave Approval Module

Holidays & Work Week Calendars

Other Features Include:

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Seamless Expense Applications. Smooth Approval Operations.

Many of organizational business activities depend on external meetings, procurements, payments etc. Every organization needs an efficient system for logging, managing and approving such expenses in a timely manner. The employees getting a smooth Expense logging approval system feel more satisfied, as the system online remains transparent, interactive and up-to-date.
Tesarrow integrates Expense Approval System in the main panel for organizations. All department employees are able to log expense and get it approved online.
The system contains following major modules: -

Employee Expense Review & Log Module

Reporting Manager Expense Approval Module

Consolidated Reports to Management & Account budget alerts

Other Features Include:

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Flexible Payroll System. Integrated Panel. Integrated Financial Consolidation.

Payroll management process is one of the main processes of any organization. Timely payroll generation and remuneration distribution plays a vital role in the success of any organization. Organizations gain more employees confidence just by having a smooth payroll process in-place. Employees remain more focused to work, perform to their level best as their financial needs are taken care of within time.
Tesarrow integrates payroll management system in the main panel. The system is equipped with many useful functions apart from basic ones.
The system contains following major modules: -

Multi-Company Remuneration Definition and management

Salary Formulae Configuration and Adjustments

Salary Slips & Reimbursement Slips with Arrears calculation

Bonus Management, EPF Sheets, Disbursements etc

Other Features Include:

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