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In very recent times, it used to be generally employees created data in organizations, but now that data is being generated by machines, networks and human interaction on systems like social media platforms, Internet-of-things' sensors, robots and many more. As such the volume of data which is being produced, that too with a very high velocity, is having large volume. The management of such data and processing it for inferring useful timely decisions, is very crucial for organizations.

We invest time and energy to dig deep into the required technologies, suitable tools along with best practices, to secure and process such large volume data and assist organizations to grow business at fast face.

Volume Data Analysis

We use our bigdata platform MUNTHAN™ coupled with advanced techniques to integrate and process heterogeneous data, and help organizations to view information that comes out through various available Information Views.

Program Information Flow Optimization

Any software program written few years/months back surely becomes a good candidate for review and upgradation. If proper upgrades are not applied, the software may become irrelevant, particularly in today's fast changing world.

Organizations need to review software for its fitment to current business requirements and revamp by optimizing information flow within and outside the system. They need to ensure that software is using the system resources optimally and giving maximum possible throughput. That way, processing of large volume become effortless for the system, and can expand with business needs.

Tesarrow uses system analysis and design tools to carry out such activities and assist businesses to optimize their IT infrastructure and software programs.

Data Harmonisation

Tesarrow uses multiple driver layer tools to integrate with disparate systems and bring harmony within data being generated from heterogeneous systems.

Our premium services revolve around customer success, in the process of digital transformation for its business processes automation, by implementing state-of-the-art software packages.

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We undertake software development assignments covering all aspects of backend, middleware and user Interface requirements across devices. We develop entire platform for you.

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We work with you to study and analyze your IT infrastructure, Software programs and Security for the purpose of optimization, identification of bottlenecks, replacements / induction of better components etc.

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We work for customer success. Kindly contact us if you are facing any issues in the installed / cloud-based system. We shall be happy to assist you at the earliest, through our established channels.

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