MUNTHAN™ Data Homogenization & Analytics Platform - Maximum Visualisation!


Present day systems generate large volume data that is usually unstructured but qualitative in nature. The new challenges include leveraging systems differently - extracting and processing volume, variety, velocity, veracity of data, inferring and presenting information in desired manner, to facilitate decisions.

MUNTHAN™ is a powerful digital platform that utilizes latest available and best-fit technology for systems, to extract, accumulate and process high volume data being generated, and facilitates businesses & services to visualize useful information in desired reporting formats; make informed decisions.

Salient Features

  • Integrated within main Dashboard
  • Low pressure extraction of data from systems
  • Global-View of data from disparate systems
  • Built-In Communication Gateways
  • Built-In Advanced Analytics
  • Off-Line mode for Critical Business Functions

Product Design

The platform enjoys internal design and coding standards using latest available/suitable tools, design-patterns and programming languages. Middleware visual designs of all constituent packages have been prepared for development, maintenance and upgrades, using unified modeling language tools. Doing so enables us to view and discuss system internals for development, testing and see through effects of functionality changes.


The software design allows us to deploy the entire platform over the secure internet cloud. The cloud design-patterns have been fully utilized to take advantage of facilities provided by cloud infrastructure. Amongst others, features include auto expansion and contraction as per application load conditions.
Platform functions/modules are also available for deployment on-premise. To find more on deployment scenarios, please click on the link provided on right-top of this page.

Software Packages

Various software packages include Integration with disparate systems (bigdata integration), Data homogenization, Advanced analytics and Integration APIs. For details, please click on links provided on right panel of this page.

Product Roadmap

MUNTHAN™ platform being company's one of the core platforms, shall undergo regular development for features and upgrades, from time to time. Core teams on design, development and testing shall be engaged on regular basis, to take the products to next level, and make them user-friendly, organization-friendly.

Product roadmap has been prepared as per internal assessment of project items. Following are few product releases with intended dates that are lined up for production.

Product Releases:
  • MUNTHAN™ Release 1.0 - January 29th, 2022.

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