Social Cause Work satisfies You more, when it helps others as well!

Contributing to the society around us by reaching out to communities in the regions where we operate has always been integral to our social responsibility policy. From uplifting the poorest sections of society, promoting Information Technology education, encouraging science and research through our consistent efforts, increasing the employability of engineering students, along with simply empowering our employees to become responsible citizens through volunteering, we will continue to strive towards inclusive growth and community development.

Employability of engineering students from weaker sections of society
We endeavor to enable such engineering students who come from weaker sections of society, from remote areas, who deserve to be in the forefront of Information technology innovations, to be best-fit and employable at the earliest. Through special training programs, apart from IT subjects, we intend to coach this talent pool to leverage their full potential by engaging them into our state-of-the-art technology projects.

IT Programs for Non-Religious Trusts
Helping upliftment of the society as a whole, is part of our social responsibility. In this regard, we would be extremely happy and feel privileged if we become a part of the digitization process, process automation of internal functions. We would like to engage our skilled workforce in the benefit of society, wherever we are able to afford. Our digital platforms cover a wide range of service process automation modules, and desired modules could be implemented as per requirements. Such an arrangement could be made on no-profit-no-loss basis.

Non-religious / NGOs may please contact us by writing to us. We shall engage with you to explore what process automation tools could be deployed to cater to your requirements.

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To bring together multiple, latest & best-fit technology pieces, build integrated platforms to serve our customers worldwide.
At Tesarrow, our vision is to create a better everyday experience of worklife, for many people. Our services & platforms support this vision by offering wide range of well-designed & integrated functional IT products, at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them.