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Our services revolve around customer success, in the process of technology adoption and digital transformation. We explore options of choosing best-fit off-the-shelf solutions and make these compatible with existing business processes to automate them optimally.

We specialize in developing Technology Platforms

Secure | Scalabe | Backend | Middleware | API | Browser Client | Mobile App

Full Documentation | Multi-View Technical Architecture | Clean Code

Customized Software Development For Platform Fitment

When we start working with you, various aspects around activities are taken care of, in order to achieve a desirable process automation setup, or to develop a full business platform. As professionals, we enter into an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) as a pre-requisite, and proceed further. We work very closely with our business/client partners and act as a trusted technology partner, for success.
In the analysis phase itself, our expertise on our platform programs, gets combined with your business process automation requirements, to give us a complete scenario for the scope of customized development requirements, if any.

The studied requirements are structured and documented, put in the visual tool for comparison between available functionality and required functions. This visual comparison gives all involved stakeholders a clear view of gaps if any, and further time & efforts required to fill the identified gaps.

The development requirements are given the same organized and speedy treatment as to the original platform development. This helps us to help you meet your targets and enrich our platform as well, for your success.

Major domain areas where we work more often involve Business Process Automation, Education & Sports and Core Banking Services automation.
While we work for Business Process Automation, we cover multiple industry segments mentioned below.

Customized Software Development on platform modules

In order to get maximum out of platform functionality, we may also undertake customized software development around platform , if business requirement scenario demands so.

Business Process Automation Services

This covers organizations in the industry sectors like IT/ITES, General trading, Garments trading, Tours & Travels and Telecom. Our standard software packages integrated in the main dashboard cover many common business functions, and we leverage the power of multiple communication channels and advanced analytics integrated within the same panel.

We undertake software development assignments covering all aspects of backend, middleware and user Interface requirements across devices. We develop entire platform for you.

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We work with you to study and analyze your IT infrastructure, Software programs and Security for the purpose of optimization, identification of bottlenecks, replacements / induction of better components etc.

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If your organization is not able to leverage large volume data in heterogeneous data systems, our expertise can be of great help.

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We work for customer success. Kindly contact us if you are facing any issues in the installed / cloud-based system. We shall be happy to assist you at the earliest, through our established channels.

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For companies in the IT/ITES industry segment, we have integrated multiple software packages in the single dashboard. These packages integrated in SERVUNTO™ platform include Corporate Portal Program that caters to multiple internal requirement for business process automation, resource planning & management, Communication Channel programs, Asset Management module, Video Addressing system and a lot more.

A unique corporate projects module has been integrated to automate multiple projects running concurrently.

SERVUNTO™ |Apparel platform is on the Go!

We have deployed this platform in companies including Star rated Manufacturing, Export houses. Running the show for many Years!!

SERVUNTO™ |Manufacturing platform is on the Go!

We have deployed this platform in manufacturing companies. Running the show for many Years!!

For Business Process Automation, organizations have choice to select software packages available off-the-shelf. On top of it, we may undertake customization around the selected packages for best fitment, for the success of your automation process.

In today's world, users are fast changing the way that they use technology and Mobile, Social media and the Cloud being adopted at a fast pace, it is now logical to say that the value of Big Data for enterprises has just gone up..
When properly harnessed, bigdata can positively affect enterprises through Business Analytics. For processing, Bigdata needs something much more advanced than the regular Business Analytics suites available, as data becomes more heterogeneous, diversified and complex day-by-day.

We provide data analytics services through our Bigdata platform MUNTHAN™.

We service tourism industry through our SERVUNTO™ platform. The platform integrates two solutions - Car Rental Business Management system, and Tours & Air-Ticketing Business Management System.

We would be happy to undertake any software customization /adjustments that are required to make the software come closure to business process automation desired setup.

For Education service sector, we have complete end-to-end solutions for the management of Schools, Colleges, Libraries, Assets etc. The solutions cover multiple departments, institutes, locations etc. under one dashboard, with ERP functions integrated. Built-in communication gateways make our programs more suitable to staff and higher management.

For Sports sector, we have integrated Sports Club management software package wherein individuals can create and manage sports clubs thereby taking advantage of all other powerful functionality packages integrated within the dashboard.

We would be happy to serve our users in process automation activity.

Tesarrow core banking solution is being designed to be a comprehensive, integrated yet modular business solution that would effectively address the strategic and day-to-day challenges faced by the banks worldwide and would facilitate a wide range of modern-day banking operations. It would be highly flexible solution for retail and corporate banking and it would be easy to integrate with third party products.

The software package suite would be available to its users by third quarter of the year 2017

In this industry segment, we make use of our decade long experience and expertise to build suitable software programs for our users.
Multiple Telecom based programs have been integrated within main dashboard in the form of Audio In-dial, Callback, Video Callback, Video Addressing system and lot more.

We would be happy to undertake any customization service around our programs to make them best-fit /suitable for business process automation requirements.

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