BIGDATA ADVANCED ANALYTICS Go Green! Digitisation to the Max!

Bigdata Advanced Analyics module,integrated with MUNTHAN™ include following products: -

Bigdata Analytics System

Bigdata Interfaces & API


Gain Insights into Your Data. Make Informed Decisions. Boost Revenues.

Bigdata represents a new era in data extraction, exploration, visualization and utilization. It involves processing of volumetric amount of structured and unstructured data, and helps enterprises to analyze user behavior and patterns, and in turn evolve their business model to suit their customers and hence drive their business further.

When properly harnessed, bigdata can positively affect enterprises through Business Analytics. For processing, Bigdata needs something much more advanced than the regular Business Analytics suites available, as data becomes more heterogeneous, diversified and complex day-by-day.

To cater to this need, Tesarrow integrates Bigdata platform - MUNTHAN. The platform is based on open data architecture and provides elastic and rapid data-processing capabilities, better data visualization and intelligent data analytics to enable organizations make faster and more accurate business decisions.

Pre-Integrated with Dashboard Programs

Built-In Flexible User Interface

Top View drill-down to details

Other Features Include:


Flexible Analytics. Impeccable Reporting. Unparalleled Information Consolidation.

The platform enables data Analysts to View data, Filter and Refine as per requirements. MUNTHAN Explorer Interface performs data modeling on the ingested data, uses data analysis to extract hidden and actionable information from raw data. Data scientists and analysts can create different views easily by selecting columns, joining data and applying filters. Data modeling workbench features several innovative functionalities like listing of source schema, streaming data formats and files in file-structure.

The raw APIs are available for program modules.

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